30 April 2015

Vita Crosshall, Liverpool - Nearly There!

A year on since the Crosshall building was internally gutted, the building is now fully watertight.

Photo 1: shows the Crosshall Street front elevation fully cleaned and restored, with the external scaffolding now in the process of being dismantled.  The existing windows were fully restored.  The high level stone gable was fully recorded, documented, removed and then re-built, in consultation with Liverpool Planning Council Conservation Department.  The new mansard roof, to match existing with new roof lights, is also complete.  To the right hand side is the stair core of the Tinlings building.

Photo 1

Photo 2: Shows the rear Preston Street elevation, again fully cleaned and restored with the external scaffolding removed.  Original discussions early on in the design process, considered the demolition of the Preston Street gable.  However, working in conjunction with the Council, the design was worked such that this could be kept, showing a ‘true working elevation adapted over time’.  The top of the feature brick parapet, just above the 1878 building date, shows new vertical leadwork connecting the mansard roof, designed and constructed to line through with mansard roof of the front elevation.

Photo 2

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